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Book Formats

All manuscripts submitted to Entegrity Choice Publishing are formatted as trade paperbacks and printed on high-quality, book-grade opaque paper stock. 


Entegrity Choice Publishing offers eBook publishing. A book manuscript can be converted into an electronic version that can be downloaded and read on a computer, reader, or handheld PDA.


World Wide Book Distribution

Through Ingram Book Group, your book is plugged into one of the industry’s largest global distribution networks covering:

  • Independent bookstores

  • Online stores (Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Books A Million, Walmart, etc.)

  • e-book retailers

  • Libraries

  • Schools

  • Universities


Cover Design


A book is often picked up by a potential buyer because the cover or title looks interesting. Our talented designers can make your cover catch the eye and communicate the content of your book. We will help you create a book synopsis to strike at the heart of your actual story and incite curiosity.


Interior Page Layout

Our design team will create the best interior layout of your manuscript so that readers can easily follow the text of your book. A minimum of twenty-five (25) typed pages is required for your manuscript to be published.


Manuscript Editing

The quality of your book matters. We offer proofreading and revisions services that will take an in-depth look at your book's content for grammar, spelling, and punctuation including content and plot.

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